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19 Feb 2014 14:43

Hi pals lets talk abt a game wit no end. I start,a man once came from wrk to c his wife on bed wit anoda man sexing her so badly n .......

28 Jul 2014 22:51

I continue. And he stood there quietly for sum time looking at them. He later went to the bathroom and brought a bucket full of water and poured on them: the woman started crying,begging the husband whilst the accused man was also shivering and panicking saying to the man of the woman that his wife is the cause since she asked him to pray for her since he,the husband has not being performing his duties wel in the room.

4 Sep 2014 20:38

the husband became astonishd by e mans wrds nd slapd e hell out of his rival's face he den kald his unfaithful wife nd askd her to lie dwn on e bed nd askd her to show hu dus his duty well btwn e two men so hw is she goin to fynd awt...hmm letx c!!!!nxxxxt.....