Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Marriage refusal
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4 Aug 2014 20:52

You are ready for marriage but your partner tells you he or she is not ready for marriage. What do you do friends?

5 Aug 2014 19:15

Get married to some who is ready for marriage

10 Aug 2014 19:52

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24 Aug 2014 21:37

Marry another person who is ready.

30 Aug 2014 19:21

I personaly think that when you are in a date and your partner isn't ready you should try and seek his or her reason on why not ready? If the answer is reasonable enough fine, but other than that it means that person is simply wasting your time for nothing so would be better quitting from it and look for a serious one since time and tides wait for no man.

5 Oct 2014 23:04

I'll live the person