Ghana forum: Jokes - speech
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1 Aug 2014 00:48

If you where the miss world, what would be your aspiring message for your models???

1 Aug 2014 20:57

This is for the ladies in forum.

2 Aug 2014 03:42

I am nt a Lady....

9 Sep 2014 22:05

Dad: "Say 'daddy.'"
Baby: "Mommy!"
Dad: "Come on, say 'daddy!'"
Baby: "Mommy!"
Dad: "F*ck you. Say 'daddy!'"
Baby: "F*ck you. Mommy!"
Mom: "Honey, I'm home!"
Baby: "F*ck you!"
Mom: "Who taught you to say that?"
Baby: "Daddy!"
Dad: "Son of a

29 Sep 2014 01:50

hehehehehehehehehehe charley u gud

1 Oct 2014 05:58

hahahahahaha nice 1 there