Ghana forum: Religion - law of 'karma'
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30 Jul 2014 19:35

It is said whatever we do bounces back to us some years to come which is termed as law of 'karma' by occultics, do you believe in this law as christians?

31 Jul 2014 10:52


31 Jul 2014 15:04


31 Jul 2014 15:05

yeah i do believe

31 Jul 2014 16:06

Yeah yh... It really does in different forms. This law has been there for ages,it wasn't stated by occultics...

1 Aug 2014 01:20


21 Aug 2014 11:41

Karma is real,and it's serves a great deal in our existence,believe it or not you are a victim of the law of karma each day.and who are you if you are a christian