Ghana forum: Jokes - THE FOOL ATEESI .
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25 Jul 2014 13:07

ateesi won a lottery worth billion of cedis, put it in efiewora bag and went under a big nim tree. He dug a hole n put de bag there close it well n snap de place with his androd phone n dicided to travel london 4 holidays. Whiles in de plane, he dicided 2 glance at de pictures again. In his altar dismay, he say james on top of de tree laughing. ;if it were u what will u do:

25 Jul 2014 15:01

Interesting, Ateesi is a fool forever! Why do you hide such a huge money under a tree!

26 Jul 2014 21:31

Why was james laughing in the first place? Mmmmmm, i would have also laughed back and waved him, good bye in return. Ateesi was lucky no one saw him hidding the money since he would have colapsed if the money had being missing and again lucky he didnt fall from the plane while glancing through in the mirror

27 Jul 2014 10:57