Ghana forum: Jokes - Akpos was driving down the stree
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15 Feb 2014 13:24

Akpos was driving down the street when a police man stop my car and immediately opened the door enter and jammed it. As usual he wanted to collect "EGUNJE"money from Akpos...Then suddenly he saw the big grown dog in the back seat with tongue sticking out angrily staring fiercely at him.

POLICE: [shakin] Ah! You carry dog?
Akpos: Yes!
POLICE: [feeling uncomfortable] Na where una come dey come from?
Akpos: From hospital!
POLICE: [feeling uneasy] Ehen! You sick?
Akpos: No, na the dog o.
POLICE: [Looks back] Why the dog come dey shake im head like dat?
Akpos: Oh! Like that? If the dog wan bite person na so e dey shake head o.
POLICE: and the dog know you o?
Akpos: Yes na, no be me get am?
POLICE: [sweating] This your door how you dey open am?
Akpos: Open it na, abi u no know as you take enter.
POLICE: Abeg! Na since I notice the dog I don dey try open am.....

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