Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Defining REAL LOVE
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16 Jul 2014 20:10

Let's define all the types of LOVE _ EROS, which is Love in the physical realm. PHILEO, which is Love in the emotional realm, and AGAPE, which is Love in the spiritual realm.

16 Jul 2014 20:14

Which of these three Loves_ physical, emotional, and spiritual is the best and why?

17 Jul 2014 16:56

let me try this question by sharing my idea as to if am correct. Agape love is the strongest of all bcox, spiritual consist of both physical and natural. spiritual is supernaturally blood convenant made between two people and not easy to be broken since al forces of nature is in it and can not be seperated until the two agree to it unlike the emotional love which is the feeling or desire to have some someone, this type of love can also make a person mad or to kill for its sake but easy to break up when the heart dies and the need arises, as wel as physical love Which is to love sumone in his or her presence as wel as in the sight of all humans to see but not from the heart

17 Jul 2014 23:17


18 Jul 2014 12:31

Real love is to be passionate for one another...

18 Jul 2014 22:37

@tugbe you are right. Agape Love is the best.

19 Jul 2014 18:45

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19 Jul 2014 18:47

Agape is primarily determined by the character of the one who loves, not the lovableness of the object. Infact, we are told to agape our enemies.

20 Jul 2014 06:25

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21 Jul 2014 00:39

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21 Jul 2014 21:24

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23 Jul 2014 12:36

Yes, dwoosdown got it right, to me, agape is the strongest one, even in human psychology.

26 Jul 2014 16:10

really agape love iz a great way of showing compation to ur partner my sister l concord ur opinion .

26 Jul 2014 22:59

to tlk abt love it s complicated.agape love u p'ple r s de best s right bt nt in dis world pals,no 1 on dis planet cn sacrifice him/herself 4 his/her frnd or lover.only Jesus cn do d@.
practically emotional love s de best in dis modern world.dis consist of trust,faithfulnes,kindnes,vin passion,aceptance,passionate,care.
finally,physical love s de worst of all.physical love s LUST!
thank u