Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONE TO MARRY?
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9 Jul 2014 02:03

I assume that I am writing to a variety of people.

9 Jul 2014 02:05

Many of you are young and have never been married.

9 Jul 2014 02:08

Some of you may be divorced. Some may be single parents. Others are widows.

10 Jul 2014 12:27


10 Jul 2014 12:28


12 Jul 2014 12:21


12 Jul 2014 12:25

y hmmmm

13 Jul 2014 03:17

pray: and you'll be led by holy spirit......

14 Jul 2014 11:38

by prayer and fasting!

15 Jul 2014 08:27

We al have some qualities which we want in our partners, which we wount get al but what we like should be more than what we dont like, we put our partners on a trial test On something to see if he/she wil pass it. We then Pray and fast to God as to if the person is the right person for marriage since is a life time span

7 Apr 2015 21:29

hmmmmmm,,,,,,pls why do u say so

9 Apr 2015 18:15