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9 Feb 2014 17:48

Life Is A Mystery.Mystery Is Something Folded. I Mean Mystery Is Something U Dont Know.To Whom U Say Dont Smoke Today Is The Person To Say To U Dont Smoke Tomorrow.Dont Reject A Man Today For His Weakness B'cos Tomorrow Is A Mystery.

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9 Feb 2014 19:14

this is the voice of God,thus says the lord to the living that seek me and you shall find me,if you seek me with all your heart and with all your soul.and i will do what you ask me and then shall you live to see the goodness of Him in the land of the liv

10 Feb 2014 10:36

christianity is not a religion.its the relationship you have with christ jesus.most of us think we are born into christian home. u need to present yourselve as an offer unto then shall you know who you are...

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13 Feb 2014 19:05

How can someone cast out contrary spirit?

15 Feb 2014 17:15

one can cast out demons when the fullness of christ dwell in you.when u receive the baptism of the holy ghost then u have power to do so. read luke.10:19. believing in christ jesus makes whats imposible to be posible.i hv to share my story then u will kwn

15 Feb 2014 17:29

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
one's faith can grow by hearing and hearing the word of God. without faith u cannot release the power of God and faith worketh by love.are u in or out.

15 Feb 2014 17:35

jesus is disappionted that man lack the necesary faith to release the power He has given us.what effort are u taking to make whats imposible to be posible.start be reading the bible as your life depend on and indeed our lives depends on knowing it.....

15 Feb 2014 17:39

read the book of hebrews.:11 and meditate on it day and night then u will know what iam talking about.

15 Feb 2014 17:44

i have much to say about faith and feelings then u will not base your faith on feelings and your feelings on faith. thank you.

if you are here and have not taken jesus christ as your lord and personal savior.this is the time life is short to waste....

15 Feb 2014 17:53

i invite u.
o lord God i come to u in the name of jesus. your word says... whoever shall call u shall be saved.acts2;21
i ask jesus to come into my heart to be the lord of my life. i receive eternal life into my spirit.....

15 Feb 2014 17:58

romans10:9,that if thou shall confess with thy mout the lord jesus and believe in the heart that God has raised him from the dead shall be saved.....

15 Feb 2014 18:06

i declare that im saved;im born_again;im a child of God! i now have christ dwelling in me and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! (1john 4:4) i now walk in the consciousness of my new life in christ christ.

15 Feb 2014 18:13

congratulations! you are a child of God.your pass is over! now our road map is the bible. make the word of God standard for your life.
for any information you contact me here or my phone line.
thank you!!!

20 Feb 2014 19:28

if there is any area of your life which require a miracle just post/ inbox in me with your prayer request and you shall never be the same if you believe.for all things are possible to them that believe.there is nothing GOD cannot do.just only believe!!!!

21 Feb 2014 23:49

I am with you please.

22 Feb 2014 08:52

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your loving kindness. Thank you for
looking after us, caring for us, and providing for us!
You are faithful and we love you. We pray that you
continue to provide for us. Help us to also trust in
your timing. You know every single need we have, as well as every desire. We lay our hearts at the foot of
your throne, with humble hearts. What ever you
provide is efficient and good. Help us to remember
that. We lift up our marriages to you, asking that we
may experience peace and growth with our Spouse.
Thank you for helping our families and children. Thank you for the comfort you give to those who are
single and to those who are widowed. Holy Spirit cast
out all of our fears and worries of what tomorrow
holds or requires of us. Give us confidence of your
power working through us. We pray for an
abundance of joy in Jesus name AMEN! 'LIKE' and Comment 'Amen.'

23 Feb 2014 09:03

O God of my salvation who is like thee. to you alone who work great & mighty wonders. i ask that they may know that you sent me.i pray any area of his life maybe touch by your devine power. make him a testimony to them that knows him in jesus name amen!

3 May 2015 00:28

Whosoever Desires To Conquer His Enemies Should Pray (psalm70) Whole Heartedly With Devotion Daily And See How Marvelous Are The Doings Of The Lord.

11 May 2015 13:06

I Wish To Be Here All The Time To Share What I Have But Time Permit Me Not.For My Work Is Much Loaded But I Pray Great And Effective Doors May Open.

11 May 2015 13:13

One Must Be Concious When It Comes To Asking God For Help In All Your Undertakings.Thats Understanding That It is Not Of Your Righteous But By The Lord's Mercy And Favor And Also Knowing That He God Has Sworn And Will Never Relent To His Oath.Surely He Will Do As He Said.