Ghana forum: Family & kids - why is divorce rampart in the world today
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3 Jul 2014 10:15

What causes divorce? Is divorce a Sin? Answer this with U̶̲̥̅̊'r own experience or ur own idea and prevent other relationship from ending into divorce...

3 Jul 2014 13:01

We live in world that is saturated with sex. Our TV sitcoms are filled with sexually suggestive remarks.

3 Jul 2014 13:05

As a result, many couples find themselves constantly thinking about sex.

3 Jul 2014 13:19

One of the best love stories in the Bible is the story about Isaac and his wife, Rebekah. In the ancient Hebrew culture, a man didn't choose his own wife, but his father chose her for him.

3 Jul 2014 15:14
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3 Jul 2014 18:39

@2chainz U̶̲̥̅̊' re rite... Nawadays people run after the things of the World.... Nd at the end of the day their relationship end up to divorce..

3 Jul 2014 22:47

Cheating contributes most.

4 Jul 2014 01:37

Rushing into marriage without the proper timing is like building a house without a proper foundation.

4 Jul 2014 01:46

If you see that a flower is almost ready to bloom and you pluck it prematurely, you may kill it before it reaches its full potential.

4 Jul 2014 20:50
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5 Jul 2014 02:25

Divorce is one of the most destructive forces in our country today.

5 Jul 2014 02:28

No one can understand its anguish and pain unless he has been through it.

5 Jul 2014 15:19

Divorce come in when the both couple make wrong chioce

6 Jul 2014 01:00

Lack of Understanding can all so lead to Divorce.

7 Jul 2014 12:21

cheating, sexual weakness and maybe impotency

8 Jul 2014 03:06

Obey de bible

12 Jul 2014 18:40

Obey the,study Ąπ∂ meditate the word of God

15 Jul 2014 10:59

Divorce is rampart in the world today as a result of unfaithfulness,disrespectfulness,impatient, infertilit, not trust worthy and so much more facilities which lacks in building up a strong relationship

16 Jul 2014 18:14

Unfaithfulness nd irresponsible parenting are de main keys 4 divorce in dis world.