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7 Feb 2014 17:49

The Teacher asked her Class what their parents do for a Living.
One girl said, her father was a Doctor.
Another said her Mother was an Engineer,
and Peter stood up and said "My mum Is a Prostitute"
The Teacher Slapped Him and Sent him Off to the Principal Akpos's Office.
Then, after 45 minutes peter Returned.

So the Teacher asked, "Did you Tell the Principal Akpos what you said In class??"
peter Said, "YES"
"Well, what did the Principal say?" asked The Teacher and Peter answered
"He Said that Every job is Important to our Economy, He even Gave me a Packet of Sweets and Asked My mum's phone Number.." :-]

Describe Akpos with one word

8 Feb 2014 10:49


9 Feb 2014 00:25


9 Feb 2014 12:57

Akpos hahaaa

11 Feb 2014 20:18

wahhuuu , this is serious

13 Feb 2014 19:29

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18 Feb 2014 21:04
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23 Feb 2014 00:23

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