Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - What does the Bible say about dating?
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2 Jul 2014 03:23

I realize that two believers are under a lot of pressure when they go out on a date.

2 Jul 2014 16:00

I've read books that suggest Bible doesn't say anything specifically about dating. What do you think?

2 Jul 2014 17:54

Dating is not a sin, its a positive act. But its content, if care is not taken might turn dating into a negative act.

2 Jul 2014 20:45

The Bible said, under age people shouldn't date b'cus it is for the mature people

3 Jul 2014 01:54

Marriage before dating de person is better than not married at all

3 Jul 2014 02:07

David, as a Teenager, I was a horrible dater, I only dated a handful of times and I hated it every time.

3 Jul 2014 02:25

I always felt pressure to impress the girl I was dating. I think you don't have to stumble, remember "Love and a cough cannot be hid."

3 Jul 2014 07:43

There is nothing like dating in the bible...

3 Jul 2014 15:15
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28 Jul 2014 21:55

Dating helps to know the character of the person we want to marry, which to me is good because it helps prolong marriage since both couples get to know their do's and dont. The bad side of it is that women are dumped by men after having sexual intercouse with them,which i wil suggest here that we can be in a relationship to study ourselves but we shouldnt have sex till marriage which the man wil understand if he truely loves you the woman and want you as his wife.

29 Jul 2014 08:33

we have to know the difference between a date and courting.
we should not contradict ourselves please.
we can have a date with any one at all; be it our parents, siblings, peers or even our spouses.
so a date is nothing bad at all.
it is just making out with a friend or friends on a planned date(time).

24 Aug 2014 21:22

I think what is you are saying is true.

26 Aug 2014 01:23

dating is not a sin but what happens in it is a sin,like sex,kissing n many others, n it also becomes a. sin when one lives the other for no just cause,that will be tantamount to playing with someones heart(murder )