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26 Jun 2014 15:57

WHY are we so afraid of the F-word?
It’s because the word fat encompasses so
much more than a physical description.
Everyone knows that fat also means ugly,
lazy, undesirable, stupid, and a host of
other negative words, but I beg to differ
with this implication. I truly believe that
I’m beautiful and sexy and totally
desirable. Of course, this is subjective, but
I know for a fact that I’m not lazy or
stupid. I’m active and I’m intelligent. These
are qualities that the F-word cannot take
away from me. When people see positive
things in you, they refuse to call you fat
because they see an incongruity there. Fat
and positive aren’t supposed to go
together. If I had a penny for the number
of times I’ve heard the following, I’d be
You’re not fat; you’re beautiful!
Don’t call yourself fat! You should love
You don’t act like a fat girl.
You sure can dance for a big girl.
Did you meet your boyfriend when you
were thin?
Statements like these show that people
have a deep-seated belief that FAT cannot
coexist with any other positive adjective,
but I’m here to tell you that it can. Do
other fat people a favor.: don’t bother
telling them they’re “not fat,” as you
simultaneously complain about your OWN
body which is smaller. Don’t tell them they
have a beautiful face, or that they’re not
fat (“You’re not fat; you’re beautiful!”) All
you’re doing is proving that you think fat
people can’t be beautiful, but fat and
beautiful are NOT mutually exclusive. You
can be both! I know people have good
intentions when they shy away from the
F-word, but you’re doing all of us fat
people a disservice. Instead, drop the F-
word all together and just give them the
damn compliment, but if a fat person
does refer to themselves that way, don’t
feel as though you have to disagree with
their assessment.

29 Jun 2014 13:56
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30 Jun 2014 12:02

i agree with u that not all fat people are negatively portrayed in intelligence and the likes. fat people have serveral qualities that must not be ignored. you have just given us some few. i believe that the human being is bestowned with superior qualities and we as human being should promote them without prejudice. let me est my case here.

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11 Aug 2014 23:27

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