Ghana forum: Jokes - A Governor was in the church for thanksgiving...
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25 Jan 2014 19:11

A Governor was in the church for thanksgiving...The topic of the sermon was "repentance"..after the
sermon, pastor Akpos asked the congregation 'if anybody wants 2 give ur life 2 God lift ur
hand let me pray 4
U......' Nobody responded 4 about three times...The Governor mounted d alter and made a statement.."If
u want 2 give ur life 2 God plz lift up ur hands let pastor Akpos pray 4 U cos we
want 2 have good citizens in this state"....a young guy
lifted up his hands
reluctantly... d governor asked his PA 2 give the guy 15 million naira.....The governor repeated the same
statement again, this time around everybody's hand was up... The Governor turned 2 pastor Akpos 2 pray 4 them, 2 his greatest surprise pastor's Akpos hand was also up.....