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23 Jun 2014 20:47

There live a mother and her son which is also a girl.
One dae the mother sent her child to market to some items,on her way shet meet 3 guys pluging mango frm a tree,they told the girl to help them plug the mango frm the tree.she and went home when her mother ask her she said she help some guys 2 plug mango.
Her mther told her dat the guys want 2 see her pantis and she said to her mother dat she remove it be4 climed

27 Jun 2014 08:42


27 Jun 2014 14:34

Ache saaaaaaa...

27 Jun 2014 23:59

ebi sooo

28 Jun 2014 03:00

Hahahahaha she has trick her mother

29 Jun 2014 12:15

she is a bagun

30 Jun 2014 07:02

dat be the smetin

1 Jul 2014 01:53

Aba this girl paa y

1 Jul 2014 21:14

Tonga de rhyme with corner

8 Jul 2014 12:01

Peter : "I want my money now!"

Tom : "I will kill myself so that I won't pay you" *he pulled a gun & shot himself dead*

Peter : "hahaha..... If you think you'll get away with my money you are wrong, I'll follow you until you pay me!" *he takes the gun & shot himself dead as well*

James: Was watching from a distance, he laughed & said: "these guys are fool, I must watch this till the end.....*he also took the gun and killed himself!

With reason, Who is the most stupid out of them???

Please don't spoil the fun answer me first

31 Jul 2014 01:02

james be the fulest