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21 Jun 2014 00:04

GIRL: Hi handsome...
BOY: Sorry, are you talking to me?
(Rolling his
GIRL: C'mon! I mean no harm
dude. Just spare
me a few minutes of your time.
BOY: Okay. Say what you have to
and leave
GIRL: Okay. Em! I have been
watching you pass
here everyday and I feel attracted
to you...
BOY: Only that?
GIRL: I think you are hydrogen
because whenever
I see you my heart beats with a
pop sound.
BOY: (Blushing) Aaaww! Stop the
flattery already.
GIRL: I'm damn serious. Cant you
see that am
not sobber and I'm staggering?
That simply
proves that I'm drunk in love with
BOY: (Smiling) Go straight to the
point! Can't
you see that I'm busy? (Drawing
patterns on
the ground using his feet)
GIRL: Wow! Your smile is like Al-
terrorists because it has just
captured the
of my heart. Please give me a
chance to invest
in your heart business and you
will see the
profits through my love for you.
BOY: You girls are just the same.
You just want
to use me then dump me
GIRL: OMG! That's so inhuman. I
want to show
you true love that can never even
be witnessed
in the Soap Operas.
BOY: Kkk... Let me think about it
then I will reply
you later.
GIRL: Okay handsome, take as
much time as you
want. Whatever your decision is, I
respect it but please say Yes.
Will there ever be a time like this
where girls will
do the 'toasting' and we (the
boys) do
the 'blushing' or is this a wishful
dream? ...

23 Jun 2014 12:07

hmmmm,lets jus say is normal!!!!tym changes

27 Jun 2014 08:49

Yea tym changes but it will be a tym we will expect it

27 Jun 2014 13:24


28 Jun 2014 03:18

Yes a time will come ladies will be wooing de guys.

28 Jun 2014 14:37

Really's already happening....

28 Jun 2014 15:40

eeeeeeh no oh 4 where in Ghana never

28 Jun 2014 19:48

Luk Ghana girls b guy,guy they no go try

29 Jun 2014 16:00

Frnds de ghana guls wey we de get for dis generation go do am, wait and see.

30 Jun 2014 15:16
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30 Jun 2014 15:37

sam even beg fr sex distyms

30 Jun 2014 15:42

hahahahaha are u sure@samgod

30 Jun 2014 15:56

We are now globally connected, i think it's normal.

1 Jul 2014 01:14

it is happening already

2 Jul 2014 23:45

Oh! some girls did the same thing to me

4 Jul 2014 10:46

i dont think so,,,because it will never and ever happen in Ghana

5 Jul 2014 00:03

I think wen it z tym it wil tell

14 Jul 2014 22:31

in de fynn boey systems it runs a lot

15 Jul 2014 08:55

When a guy proposes to a lady he sometimes treat her badly so how much more a lady now proposing to a guy? Who then is going to be the head of the family? I think is bad for ladies to propose love because when we see a guy and we love him there are soo many things which we can do to draw hiss attention on us which by and by he wil propose than we proposing. When we look at the BIble fr instance Men were giving women as their wives by asking for their hands in marriage and not the other way round

18 Jul 2014 14:16

dis shows de wld is coming 2 an end.