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22 Jan 2014 14:28

LOGICKINGDOM:Is full of fun for people on mobofree,all scene is full of COMEDY in which one have to use Logical thinking before understand the isue at scene.Somany characters are in this KINGDOM.

23 Jan 2014 01:07

Apululua's Scene Mood
Teacher:name de deciples of juses in de bible
1stPupil:sir judas iscairot
Teacher:thats good answer
(apululua got confuse as to weda dey name after fruits,becoz judas iscairot is like carrot)
Apululua:sir luke ismongo,john isapple.
Teacher got collapse!

23 Jan 2014 01:31

Akilapa Scene Mood
A madam was teaching akilapa and his mate addition n subtraction.Madam brot 6 orenges n 6 mangos to test them weda dey understand,
Madam:Akilapa(place 3orenges in his hands)how many orenges do u have in ur hands?
Akilapa:madam 3
Madam:and if i add 3 orenges again?
Akilapa:madam 6
Now madam place 3 mangos in akilapas hand,
Madam:how many mangos do u have in ur hand?
Akilapa:madam 3
Madam:and if 3 is added?
Akilapa:madam 7
madam got confuse and repeated the orenge addition wer akilapa add it up to 6,but de mangos add up to be 7
Madam:why de mangos 7
Akilapa:becoz i have 1 mango at home!

23 Jan 2014 01:35

Apululua & Akilapa who was funy?

23 Jan 2014 02:37

Zologo's Scene Mood
A soldier was tracing armrobber,at a coner he found zologo walking at a fast pace,the soldier grap zologo at his back,
Soja:my friend ARE U armrobber?
Zologo:(fraighten) sir,
zologo was beaten up,people there question him,
People:why do say yes sir?
Zologo:i understand the meaning of the armrobber,but the ARE U that i dont understand!

23 Jan 2014 03:04

Zukuma's Scene Mood
A cenema show was taking off in zukuma's village,and there was a rule b4 any one can enter the show,the rule was every body who wants 2 enter must have a sakora,at the event a blind gurd will use his hand to scoll tru ur b4 u enter.There came zukuma who dont have sakora and was trying 2 enter he was chase out by the blind gurd.Zukuma came again,
Blindgurd:hey let me feel ur sakora(zukuma remove his pant showing his bottocks to him)
Blindgurd:ah! dis ur sakora is too clear and soft
Zukuma:i use machine
Blindgurd:ah! u have 2 head or dat is ur mouth?
Zukuma:dat is my mouth(Blindgurd deep his hand into zukuma anus and smell his hand)
Blindgurd:ajeeeei! dis ur mouth is very exception kai!
Zukuma:ooOh! i 4got to paste after i made my sakora!

23 Jan 2014 03:05

Zukuma & Zologo who is funy?

23 Jan 2014 15:17

Is tooo much

23 Jan 2014 16:40

Apululua was right Akilapa was very funny indeed

23 Jan 2014 16:43

hahahaaa!zologo was confuse of dat,he is funy
eeeh!zukuma too much

23 Jan 2014 23:08

Akilapa's Scene Mood
Akilapa was de pastor in his community,satiday he was going 2 church 2 have semon,on his way he meet a naked madwoman lying asleep,akilapa went n drop his bible
Akilapa:wow jehovah name be prez,tanx 4 given me dis pawpaw,(he fuck de madwoman)
Akilapa:jehoooovah yee yee(madwoman break into de church laughing toward akilapa)akilapa scream
Akilapa:hey stop dis woman if not she will tell a true lie on pastors!!!
Madwoman:eeeeh! pastor so if u wud have go away u wud have loose my pussy,cant u see u are active!
Akilapa:u see mad ppl wil always shame u jes 4 a 2minute of sayin hello!

24 Jan 2014 17:14

Abunawas Scene Mood,
Abunawas and his son was eating fufu with the meat in front of his son.
Abunawas:hmmmm! son wen i was a driver,i was speeding suddenly was to hit a child,i just stir the bus in my right side like dis meat
Son:father! de bike u bot 4 me,i was riding and was to hit a boy,and i just curve once(he roll the meat to his side)
Abunawas:(knock him) stupid! it was having brake!!,and also roll meat back 2 his front
Son:ooOh! brake cut off ooOh!!!!!!
Abunawas:foolish! hit the boy!!!!!!

24 Jan 2014 17:43

Terimagiri's Scene Mood,
Terimagiri and his son was working in de farm,
Terimagiri:son! u work hard so dat next year i will buy a donkey.
Son:oooi! fada and i will be riding it gira gira gira........
Terimagiri:(slap him) idiot! are u going to break the back!!?????

6 Mar 2014 01:50

Terimagri was eat TZ when his girlfriend came and ask of him.he quickly divide the tz into four and swallow.
On their way going for fun terimagri vomited the four part of tz.
Girl:ooOh wat a shame
Terimagri:noo that was not the way i ate the tz,using his hand to redivide the vomited tz

6 Mar 2014 01:59


8 Mar 2014 14:52

dis remind me of a certain mallam nd his son.dey were eatin rice nd all of a sudden de malam said wn i teach u aleefu u dnt no wit de idea of drewin de stew in his front so de appties also reply him by mixin de stew wit de rice nd sayin by den time my mind was mixing up.

15 Mar 2014 15:31