Ghana forum: Jokes - RESPECT EVERYONE.
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9 Jun 2014 21:47

There was young workers who had one old man as their security man. The man was so helpless that none of the workers respect him. But there was this one guy among the workers who will always want to greet this old man and ask of his health everyday he comes to work morning and evening. One day the guy came to work in the morning and as usual greeted the man and asked of his health.They worked the whole day and at the time of departure all the people showed up without greeting this man except his faithful friend and son who he expected to respond to his greetings but because the boy wanted to pick something he forgot when his colleagues left him behind and unfortunately for him the door got locked while he was still inside and because the room was meant for business as cold store and the fact that the boy began to freeze in there and on top of his voice for help the man was also seriously looking for him. At the long ran something prompt this old man to open the fridge and see if his friend is in there and truly to his mind the boy is in the helplessly and this this old man was like "yes this is why l have missed you because you are the only person who makes me feel as a human with the form of greetings you do greet me each morning and evening and l was sad not to heard any greeting this evening and l began looking for you knowing well you are still around". So you see we are humans with one wing and to truly fly we must embrace each other. No matter where we find ourselves be it managers, senior workers or wherever we work we must respect anybody who works under us and by so doing anybody of low class will be willing to offer help when the need arises. If not for the respect the boy had for the man, he will definitely die in that cold store.

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very good to read

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Nice talk

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nice one

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I wish people will practise it