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2 Jun 2014 19:03

If the love of
your life was
dying, and their
last request was
for you to never
get involved in
would you remain
single for them
for the rest of
your life?

3 Jun 2014 17:43


3 Jun 2014 23:32

yeah coz mine s so precious 2 mi.I LOVE HIM jx too muuccch.mmmmwwwwaaaahhhhh

8 Jun 2014 17:21


17 Jun 2014 15:46

yea man becux i wil alwayz remember her

17 Jun 2014 18:16

naah i cant do dat

19 Aug 2014 23:11

I wnt get any 1 to luv as i luv her and no 1 will luv me as i luv she do...

26 Sep 2014 22:21

No,becse this time no true love

26 Sep 2014 23:00

Oh yeah, why not? If you love someone you have to do as He/ She wishes because of the word LOVE.

28 Sep 2014 23:26

charley, why not

3 Oct 2014 12:04

Guys!! do you no something? Love come at once if someone loves you love he or her too.....Love is the most gracious gift comes from the God..*** If someone loves you please!!! Love he or her too.. The reason why am say that is because of mariage... Mariage is precious gift from God as i was saying..**As for me i don't have a boyfriend and i hope by the grace of God i'll have simeone who perfectly love me..So my peoples please if you like to friend with me whatssap me on 0246979831....Byyyyeeeeee!!!

23 Dec 2014 22:21

No, its bcus I didnt want to be single I needed her, so I will get another one.

22 May 2015 13:32

dat is stupidity. everything dat happens on dis earth has a purpose. de fact dat u love each ada dasnt mean u shud do dat. wen u luv some1 n de person dies dat means u were nt meant to be together n as soon as de person dies evryfn btwn u 2 is over.

22 May 2015 17:19

tweeeeeaaaaaaa i will not do cos if u die u r gone

22 May 2015 18:53

Not me

24 May 2015 02:25

Yah... Sure

24 May 2015 09:39

yes of course
Bt I hvn't yet find some ooooo