Ghana forum: Jokes - EVERYTHING IN LIFE HAS ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!
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18 Jan 2014 21:57

*Your friend graduated at 22, and at 28. You are still
hustling to get the admission for the 1st degree! Cool down!
*Your friend got a good job immediately after University,
You are still hustling to get one even after MSc. Calm down sweetheart!
*Your friends are getting married, and all the guys/ chics
coming your way seem to want just fling,Relax Dear!
*When your friends are getting things you think you
deserve, do not despair, remain focused.
LISTEN! Life isn't a race with some one else, the first to
DEPART is not always the first to ARRIVE.
Life is about your own SAFETY, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.
Be Patient,Smart, Focused and God will reward you.
God is Sovereign and his timing is always PERFECT and
he makes it so good. He never Sleeps nor Slumbers!! Like n share to the ones who lost hope....

24 Jan 2014 23:37

10ks dear,yuv realy inspired me

14 Feb 2014 00:40

Dats rite! a said ; A patient dog eat d strongest bone

14 Feb 2014 00:40

Fattest bone