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Traditional way to bolster finances is to trim expenses. But we think this way is totally wrong, because reducing spending for most people means lower quality of life. And you should have totally different approach. Instead of seeking ways to trim expenses – focus on increasing your income. Opportunities to […]

14 Simple Ways to Make More Money in Nigeria

Tecno phones for good price
You can find different opinions about Tecno phones in Nigeria. Some are very positive while others are completely negative. Meanwhile constantly growing Tecno phones sales in Nigeria confirm that Tecno brand already has base of loyal users and this base is steadily increasing. While some people say Tecno is all […]

Why Tecno Phones are Winning in Nigeria

In real estate, doing due diligence (investigation), probing the validity and authenticity of a property is essential thing before paying money. It allows to avoid falling into a scam or acquiring series of liabilities with the asset in question. Many had fallen victim of fake lands or land with fake […]

Things you must check when buying a land in Nigeria

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In most of the cases to get high paid job in Nigeria you will need university degree. But there are some good jobs which you can get without degree. Salary you can expect in those jobs varies depending on many factors – location in Nigeria, work lead, employer etc. But […]

3 Good Jobs You Can Get Without Degree

All Tecno phones in Nigeria
Currently Techno smartphones are rocking the Nigerian market. The secret of such success if providing for Nigerians advanced and nice looking Android devices for very affordable price. The price quite often is one of the most important factors when choosing between several different brands. And its quite usual situation when […]

Price List Of New TECNO Phones In Nigeria

Tecno Android phones are keeping leading position in Nigeria during last year. The reason of such leadership is very simple – Tecno phones have nice design, advanced features and really cheap price. Actually you can get new Tecno Android phone for the same price like used Android device from brands […]

Complete List Of all Tecno Android Phones – Specs and ...

fix dent
Any car – doesn’t its new or old, requires a lot of maintenance and care. Which usually means a lot of your time or your money. But did you know that there are some amazing and in the same time affordable car hacks. You won’t spend any money at all […]

5 Amazing but Cheap Hacks For Car Owners

Just had a successful job interview? Or maybe you even have received a job offer already?Congratulations! We understand that it’s complicated to find a good job in Nigeria these days. So many people are so happy that they finally have got job offer, that they forget, but this moment if […]

10 Tips How Successfully Negotiate your Salary

I believe there is no need to introduce Tecno brand. Tecno is making big waves in Africa and is really popular between Nigerians because of very good price and quality combination. This article if dedicated for Tecno lovers, who are thinking about upgrading their mobile phone to some newer Tecno […]

The Latest Tecno Phones and Prices In Nigeria

real estate leads nigeria
Though in Nigeria there is a significant amount of dedicated Real Estate classifieds portals, a large number of Nigerian real estate agents have been able to consistently generate real estate leads from general classifieds site MoboFree.com. Most probably there are two reasons why MoboFree for many real estate dealers gives […]

How Agents Get Real Estate Leads on MoboFree

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Tecno is a fast rising smartphone brand which has taken Nigerian market with cheap and affordable Android mobile phones. Tecno Mobile is Chinese company, but Nigeria is one of the biggest markets for Tecno. Besides that Tecno brand is really popular in Kenya, Egypt and other African countries. The strongest […]

The Best Tecno Phones in Nigeria – Prices & Specs

WhatsApp dating
WhatsApp is a really popular application in Nigeria. Though initially this app was dedicated to communicate with people you already know – millions of young Nigerians are also using WhatsApp as dating tool. In Nairaland and other Nigerian forums you can find tons of topics where ladies and guys are […]

How to Get a Date on WhatsApp In Nigeria

minivan nigeria
In the life of every driver sometimes it comes a time when you have to leave your favorite car. Some people are forced to sell their beloved (or not beloved :)) car because they are willing to buy a better one. Some people just urgently need money. Doesn’t matter what […]

Tips How to Sell your Car Quickly in Nigeria

real estate nigeria
All over the world internet is the most popular channel to buy, sell and rent real estate. In Nigeria situation is slightly different, as many real estate dealers still are focused on flyers, magazines adverts and other “offline” channels. But more and more Nigerians are discovering internet as very cost-effective […]

Tips How to increase Online Real Estate leads

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Tecno L7 is the first 5-incher from Tecno to run on Android 4.4. This device has a nice silver colour metal band that makes it look more like iPhone 5s but thicker and larger. The metal band doesn’t go all the way, the top part is plastic. It has the […]

Tecno L7 Specs, Features & Price in Nigeria